The Experience Cards are a creative communication tool to connect, inspire and educate. They provide a playful approach to get in touch with each other, discover the world and challenge the status quo of thinking. The Experience Cards contain calls to action or thought-provoking impulses, enabling a variety of experiences on an intra- or interpersonal level.



The connections we make are important. Help people to get in touch with each other more easily. Break the ice and provide meaningful conversation starters.


It's about the story you tell. Reach your customers in a gamified way. Inspire for your product and share your values through storytelling and experiences.


Knowledge drives innovation. Make knowledge experienceable, communicate it in an easy way and raise awareness about topics that matter to you.


Whatever topic is important to you, the Experience Cards can be adapted to your needs to create memorable experiences. Get your individual set for your next conference, marketing campaign or (cognitive) revolution.


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