AGIT 2017

Every year in July more than 1000 participants gather at the AGIT, an annual conference about applied geoinformatics in Salzburg. A total of 43 experience cards were developed, serving different purposes. The cards were distributed over the conference location and were found randomly by participants. The cards inspired about current topics, served as conversation starters, and promoted special conference sessions. The cards were supposed to enrich the event with amusing tasks and insights. Additionally, secret cards were hidden to raffle incentives.


Design Thinking Forum 2017

In Autumn 2017 the first Design Thinking Forum in Bucharest took place. Business leaders and professionals met to share and exchange their experiences with Design Thinking in various business contexts. For the conference five cards were created, explaining the different steps of the design thinking process. The cards were utilized at various points of the event to give advice on how to apply the different steps and to enable networking between the participants.


UNIGIS Salzburg

UNIGIS is a distance learning programme for geoinformatics in English and German language offered by the University of Salzburg. Inspirational cards were developed to arouse interest on the topic of geoinformatics at different exhibitions. Social media cards served as extended business cards, hinting for digital connections points. Additionally, curriculum cards of the programme were created to complement the marketing appearance and to support the process of student counseling.


Heroes Academy 2017

The Heroes Academy is a one-week experience co-created by an intercultural and interdisciplinary group of people. Its mission is to reboot and challenge the participants to live by their ideal. A deck of 24 cards was designed, focusing on inspirational, social and motivational content. The cards were used in a playful way to ensure an exchange between all participants.


TUM School of Education

The School of Education at the Technical University of Munich uses the experience cards as a give-away for their international business partners, sharing inspirational quotes about the topic of education.